Over the weeks, I've been co-guided to a more meaningful, calmer and more fruitful way of being. I've not lost any of 'me' - a more comfortable and emotionally self - sufficient me.


Nicola's time, professionalism, warmth and patience - along with her clear belief in her vocation - has been invaluable in helping me on this part of my journey. I've been encouraged to develop the inner resources to become my own counsellor in many ways.


I never thought it would be possible to feel this way. What therapy with Nicola has done for me. I thought counselling would not help. I was desperate. Now I am so surprised how it has altered the way that I think and feel. It has changed my life I now feel confident and that life is worth living. I would recommend it to anyone.


I am a senior leader in a College and I have responsibility for Human Resources. I have worked with Nicola for a number of years and she has worked closely with members of staff to support them with a range of issues, both as a preventative measure to help people to remain in the workplace and during a period of absence from work, to facilitate their health and return to work. Nicola provides a confidential service that has, without a doubt, made an immense difference to those people who have been able to access her support. She is always professional, swift to acknowledge referrals and to schedule appointments. Her feedback to me, within professional boundaries, is always much appreciated. I envisage many more years of working with Nicola on the basis of the work she has done so far.


I am a strong man I thought I could sort out things on my own. Eventually decided I needed to do something about this. Counselling helped without the need to take pills or go to Drs. It has worked faster than I thought, done the trick ok. Even the strongest sometime have to seek help. Why did I bother putting up with this, I should have come ten years ago. I feel it’s done me the world of good I feel calm and alright. I won’t be afraid to come back in the future.

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